Dravter - UI Starter Kit for Mobile (Token Version)

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Dravter is the next-generation UI starter kit for mobile.

From user flow to interface design, we've got you covered. Dravter is the only toolkit you need for the whole UI design process, powered by a powerful duet of 2 Figma libraries with different style and fidelity that can be swapped anytime you need to. Experience the most efficient workflow as you progress through every stage of the process.

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Mobile Draft Kit

Ideate better & faster, wherever your thoughts take you. Perfect for the early stage of UI design process. Designed in sketch-style and grayscale colors to help you focus more on exploration rather than pixel perfection.

Mobile Design Kit

Meet the smart & scalable design system starter. Dravter provides all components you need to kick-off mobile projects. Jump-start your design with rock solid foundations & best practices.

Powered by design tokens

To make your workflow even faster, we offer a version of Dravter that is powered by Tokens Studio plugin. It is equipped with pre-defined set of tokens that can be used to control the foundations and style of your design like typography, colors, shadows, spacing and border radius.

  • Auto-updating styleguide. Each time you update the tokens, the styleguide will auto-update themself because they are linked to the tokens. No need to manually update them aymore.
  • Instant dark mode. The dark scheme is already defined in the system colors. You just need one click to switch between light and dark, no need to create dark version for each component.

Other versions

If you don't need pre-defined design tokens, auto-updating styleguide, and instant dark mode, check out DRAVTER STANDARD version.

If you want to get both STANDARD and TOKEN version, a BUNDLE version also available at 30% discount.

If you have any question, suggestion or issue, just send us an email and we will try to help as soon as possible.


You'll get 2 Figma files: Mobile Draft Kit.fig and Mobile Design Kit.fig. Each file will have these features:

Global Styles
Userflow Components
UI Components
UI Patterns & Screens
Use on unlimited projects
Free lifetime updates
One-click dark mode
Auto-updating styleguide
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Dravter - UI Starter Kit for Mobile (Token Version)

0 ratings